GRACE: Purposeful Leadership for the "Greater Good"

Grace facilitates our path to achieving sustainable results through generosity, respect and compassion.

Grace emerges from John Baldoni's work in leadership purpose. Purpose emerges from the why of what we do. It leads to our vision (becoming) and mission (doing). Grace shapes how we interact with others; as such it shapes our values (belonging). In short, purpose is the why; grace is the how. Grace nurtures respect for the betterment of others.

In Grace: Purposeful Leadership, John Baldoni reveals how leaders use the concept of grace to help us learn, grow and fulfill the “greater good.” The presentation explores five key concepts:

Generosity – the will to do something more for others

Respect – the dignity of life and work

Action – the mechanism for change

Compassion – the concern for others

Energy – the spirit that catalyzes us 

Grace: Purposeful Leadership shows how leaders can demonstrate the moral authority to lead and the conviction to serve their peers and their teams by doing the following:

  • Define moral authority
  • Demonstrate character
  • Think critically
  • Live with presence
  • Demonstrate compassion 
  • Create an ethos of service to others
  • Build brand for social good (Doing well by doing good.)
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